What is Sibelius™:Sage? And why are people loving it? Take a look at our Ingredient review to find out what consumers think about Sibelius™:Sage.

What is Sibelius™:Sage?

Sage extract is known to promote healthy levels of the important neurotransmitter acetylcholine, as well as other neurochemicals needed for optimal brain function, and to support mood and cognitive performance. Sibelius™:Sage (Salvia officinalis L.) is a novel type of sage extract, which has been shown to support brain and cognitive function. It derives from a proprietary, non-GMO cultivar grown in the UK with proven cognitive benefits.  In a clinical study, Sibelius™:Sage improved accuracy of attention, working memory and recognition and recall. However, the real X factor lies in its ability to effectively provide immediate cognitive improvements within 1 hour after supplementation.

Ingredient review

We often receive very positive reviews from those who try our Sibelius™:Sage. Today we decided to share a feedback we recently received about the beneficial properties of our sage extract. SBV, a mid-70’s lady from the US, tasted our  Sibelius™:Sage sachets and stated:

“It tastes so delicious with a small glass of cold water! I hope I can explain the clarity of mind I felt with the initial dose. I can only compare it to getting a new pair of glasses and you say “WOW”.

One of the days I used it I attended an outside socialization with 5 other people. Whenever I feel uncomfortable in a group sitting due to one of the guests, I find myself quiet and anxiety makes it hard to get the words to mouth. Well, not this time! I was on a roll! I even had the person who sees me in a negative light laughing.

Even on the days when I didn’t have social interaction, I just felt clearer. A positive but unexpected bonus was the lovely memories from childhood that were forth coming. Nothing major but reminders of those who made my early years so happy.”

–  SBV, 70 years old, US

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