Herbal extract with clinically proven cognitive benefits for seniors

SIBELIUS:SAGE is a herbal extract marketed to nutraceutical manufacturers, with proven cognitive benefits for seniors.

The dried extract has been developed from a proprietary European herb source and cultivated exclusively in the UK for the natural products company Sibelius.

The effect of SIBELIUS:SAGE on cognition has been confirmed in clinical trials conducted with a cohort of healthy seniors. Testing of the cohort showed significant improvements in memory performance of recognition and recall over periods of between one and six hours, in response to a single dose of 333mg

Sibelius has developed the product using its patented ChronoscreenTM technology, which measures the changes to chronological life span in C.elegans organisms as a result of treatment with ingredients or complex products. The C.elegans organism is widely used as a model for researching conditions associated with cellular ageing making it ideal for testing biological activity in herbal extracts and other natural products.