Natural ingredient with scientifically validated and clinically proven cognitive benefits

SIBELIUS®: SAGE is a high-quality natural ingredient with proven cognitive benefits, marketed through leading regional distributors to nutraceutical manufacturers and MLMs.

SIBELIUS®: SAGE derives from a proprietary cultivar of sage (Salvia officinalis  L .) grown in the UK for Sibelius Natural Products.


One of the activities of SIBELIUS®: SAGE that is likely to contribute to this improved cognitive performance is the inhibition of acetylcholinesterase (AChE), an enzyme which breaks down esters of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which plays an important role in the formation of memories. This anti-AChE activity is shared by several drugs used in the treatment of early symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease, and likely contributes towards Sibelius: Sage’s anti-ageing effects.

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The effect of SIBELIUS®: SAGE on cognition has been confirmed in clinical trials conducted with a cohort of healthy seniors (Scholey et al, 2008). Testing of the cohort showed significant improvements in memory performance of recognition and recall over periods of between one and six hours (1-6 h), in response to a single dose of 333mg.

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Sibelius has developed the product using its patented Chronoscreen® technology, which measures the changes to chronological lifespan in C.elegans organisms as a result of treatment with ingredients or complex products. The C. elegans organism is widely used as a model for researching conditions associated with cellular ageing making it ideal for testing biological activity in herbal extracts and other natural products.


Sibelius®: Sage shows increases in lifespan of around 10-15% in C. elegans.


Using Sibelius’ Chronoscreen®, we have been able to demonstrate that there is a significant difference in biological activity of Sibelius:Sage (used in the Scholey 2008 study) over that of other sage sources and extraction procedures. (Sibelius internal data).


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