Looking for a research baked ingredient for immunity and skin that’s non-GMO?

Sibelius™ Natural Products launched their newest ingredient Sibelius™: MyceliAid in 2020 to target immunity and skin health trends. Sibelius™: MyceliAid is high quality and scientifically evidenced full-spectrum Chaga extract developed to promote skin health, support immune function and overall wellness. The functional ingredient is also sustainably grown, traceable and suitable for several delivery formats.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), are plants, animals or microorganisms whose genetic material (DNA) has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally. Over the past few years, GMO crops and foods have raised concern among consumers for their impact on the environment, human and animal health1, 2. This growing awareness means that there is an increasing demand for GMO-free, all-natural alternatives, as well as transparency regarding an ingredient’s origin, cultivation, production, processing, storage and distribution3.

“MyceliAid is our latest launch into the functional ingredient field” explains Arti Gupta, Operations Director at Sibelius “What makes our ingredients unique is the strong science platform we use to select them. Chronoscreen™ is our patented tool we used to confidently select the best ingredient from the best source for our Chaga”.

When discussing the non-GMO process, Arti described that “Sibelius™: MyceliAid will join both our Sage and Chamomile to be verified by the FoodChainID Non-GMO Global Standard. This industry benchmark ensures that our ingredients have undergone risk assessments, traceability, sampling and testing, to verify their compliance with the non-GMO Standard.”

Sibelius is delighted that MyceliAid has obtained the non-GMO Project Verified seal, and will continue to develop natural ingredients of the highest quality, efficacy and safety.

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