Chronoscreen™ Platform


Our patented Chronoscreen™ Platform enables us to research, track, and measure how nutraceuticals may affect human health. Chronoscreen™ utilizes the roundworm, Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans), a whole organism model with many physiological similarities to humans including a digestive and nervous system. Chronoscreen™ measures the lifespan in populations of C. elegans and their responses to different nutraceutical ingredients. Extension of lifespan on Chronoscreen™ indicates that the tested ingredient had a beneficial effect on the regulation of cellular ageing and therefore may have a delayed onset of age-related conditions in the worm. Given the strong correlation of the pathways of cellular ageing between animal species, our premise is that these ingredients should also have beneficial effects on human health.

The Chronoscreen™ platform can be successfully applied for biological testing of a broad range of natural ingredients. It can identify and confirm the evidence of their potential health benefits, from which we can then determine the pathways essential for the ingredient’s activity. This helps to address consumer demands and concerns as well as regulatory and policy issues.

Chronoscreen™ is the solution to provide strong pre-clinical research that bridges the gap between fundamental research and clinical studies. Through the results discovered by the Chronoscreen™ testing platform, researchers are able to manage risk before committing to clinical trials.

The Chronoscreen™ platform allows companies to expedite strong and credible structure-function claims in the food, nutraceuticals and cosmeceutical industries. It gives companies a way to market functional ingredients with a reliable, rapid, and inexpensive model for identifying metabolic targets.

Chronoscreen™ has already garnished high interest in the nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and functional food and beverage industries. Sibelius Natural Products has already tested more than 750 natural ingredients and products.