About Us

Uncovering the Potential of Natural Ingredients

Sibelius is a scientifically led company that works with leading product researchers and developers to create, test and commercialise innovative and efficacious natural products. It works at the cutting edge, by offering unique insights into nutraceuticals that promote healthy ageing.

Medical developments and improvements to factors such as food supply and sanitation have contributed to lengthening of human lifespan, which based on OECD statistics has been increasing at a rate of close to 2 years per decade in recent history. Despite this relatively rapid increase in lifespan, there is evidence that healthspan – essentially the number of years that an individual remains in relative good health and free from disease – has not increased at the same rate. So, although we may be living longer, our quality of life in these extra years is not necessarily very high.

Age is a major risk factor in many diseases; whether that is certain cancers, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, or declines in our immune system (immunosenescence) or strength (sarcopenia). The process of ageing is not simply the result of accumulation of damage in an individual’s cells over time that leads to a breakdown in their function. Instead ageing involves a coordinated programme of changes, including notable differences to an individual’s epigenome. For better or for worse, how an individual interacts with their environment can impact this ageing program. As such, positive changes to factors such as diet and lifestyle can promote healthy ageing, and help to delay the onset of these negative age-related conditions.

At Sibelius, we believe that Nutraceuticals can make a great contribution towards healthy ageing, but there is a clear need to demonstrate the clinical benefts that such products can offer. In part this is due to increasing pressure coming from regulators, with requirements to provide clinical evidence to support any marketing claims. However, there is also a need to develop products with proven benefts to help a growing consumer segment to make informed decisions about the products that they choose to purchase and use.

“Sibelius technology is a critical breakthrough for the nutraceutical industry. Its capacity to uncover the hidden potential of many natural ingredients opens a new era in product development and prophylaxis for healthy lifestyles.”

Professor Jane Mellor
 Department of Biochemistry, Oxford University

Testing is usually slow and laborious, but we now have a high-throughput screen that takes weeks rather than months and years to deliver results. Working with the C.elegans model organism which has been validated in several Nobel prize-winning research projects, Sibelius has been able to dramatically reduce the costs and shorten product research and development cycles.

The Sibelius high-throughput screen opens up the exciting possibility of developing new, completely natural products that can significantly ameliorate the effects of age-related conditions. The scientific screening process allows products to be tried and developed and brought to commercial use in extremely rapid but safe timescales. Through the Sibelius system there are also methods to ensure fast patent protection of new products.

The potential of Sibelius is life-enhancing through the identification of supplements able to reset cellular network health controls. This means we can support weight management, enhance stress resistance, aid sports performance, control age-related muscle loss, better manage glucose tolerance and identify anti-oxidants to reduce inflammation, as well as enhancing the immune system and improving cognition.

So – natural, effective, safe, fast and commercial, the Sibelius approach to nutraceutical screening brings all these benefits. It’s a science that is well recognised and validated by world-leading teams from Oxford University and MIT.