At Sibelius, we pride ourselves in the research and development we conduct before bringing an ingredient to market. The first step of our process is using our Chronoscreen™ platform for the screening and identification of biologically active natural products that have the potential for development into ingredients that are beneficial to human health.

David Forman aka The Herbal Pharmacist® and Dr Kieron Edwards Chief Science Officer at Sibelius deep dive into selecting active sources of natural products and the importance of the process in their latest podcast. The dynamic duo discusses the first stage of selecting the right source, including sustainability, trust and how the Chronoscreen™ platform allows us to understand life extension.



Chronoscreen™ is a testing solution for whole extracts that allow for confident analysis to aid the selection of the best ingredients from the best source to further enhance development in consumer health products. The patented screening tool allows for the discovery, evaluation, and monitoring of biologically active natural products. The technology is used to identify the best sources for existing ingredients and drills down past the usual measures; looking at the actual activity offered from a particular botanical source.

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