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The nutraceutical industry represents a dynamic sector that offers novel opportunities to combine scientific discovery with growing consumer interest in health-enhancing foods. We interviewed Loukiana Chatzinasiou, Senior Product Manager at Sibelius Natural Products, to understand how the company contributes to unlocking the potential of natural ingredients and learning what’s behind the product development process

1. What are the specific needs that Sibelius’ ingredients address? 

“As populations age, more and more individuals are looking for natural alternatives to support healthy living and ageing. Sibelius addresses and quickly adapts to the changing consumer needs for high-quality, transparent and scientifically validated natural ingredients targeted to major health categories, such as sleep quality, stress, mental health, heart and prostate support. Sibelius is always looking for novel natural ingredients and combinations to expand its product portfolio and health indications.”

2. Not all ingredients are the same. How does Sibelius select its ingredients? 

“Sibelius ingredients’ selection starts with Chronoscreen™, our scientifically validated, patented platform developed to test natural compounds and complex extracts and determine their activity and health benefits. The platform has successfully screened over 800 natural ingredients and products. To give an example, Chronoscreen™ has enabled us to identify the unique characteristics of our flagship product, Sibelius™ :Sage, over other sage (Salvia officinalis L.) sources and understand how it works in different areas of cognition and healthy ageing.”

3. How do you support the end-use of your ingredients? 

“In partnership with the Australian brand Essential Nutrition, we recently introduced to the APAC market a mouth-spray product for stress relief and relaxation containing Sibelius™ :Chamomile and lavender oil;  and a highly bioavailable formulation that contains Sibelius™ :LactoMato, which supports healthy prostate and male reproduction. In addition, we have recently launched a new milled format of our SIbelius™:Sage ingredient, which has already been used to formulate ready-to-drink beverages, sachet drinks, jellies, chewable gums and dairy-based products.”

4. Why should companies include Sibelius’ ingredients in their formulations? 

“Sibelius is bringing innovation and modern science to well-established botanicals for healthy ageing and wellbeing. We carefully monitor our supply chains to ensure ingredients quality, traceability and safety from source to supplement. In addition, our branded ingredients are backed up with scientific evidence and proven to work in human volunteer studies. We put great effort on constantly updating our ingredients’ science, as well as investing on additional ingredients formats to inspire novel applications and optimize the consumer experience.”

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