Our belief is that collaboration can be a fruitful way to develop more effective products and bring them to market successfully. We continuously test for functional natural ingredients from which we select the most biologically active for our own proprietary products, or to explore co-development opportunities with commercial partners.

This is a dynamic industry where companies are looking for new products that make a provable difference. We provide cutting-edge technology using scientific expertise developed in Oxford University and MIT. By combining with commercial partners, building our knowledge into the research and product development processes of other companies, we mutually increase the chances of making a real difference through targeted new products.

The process of aging is controllable; that’s a reality on which Sibelius is focused. This process has exciting potential for companies in all areas of human activity, with work already advanced in products for sports nutrition and well-being. All conditions associated with the aging process, from muscle loss to memory decline to wrinkling skin, all are of scientific and commercial interest, creating the potential for co-development projects.

There are beneficial synergies from focusing on natural ingredients, proven by science for their novel functional effects, to explore how they might best meet real market needs. Quicker results from our unique efficacy testing programmes can lead to marketable products in timescales much shorter than the traditional R&D norms.

Co-development with Sibelius can also offer additional advantages in the speed of scale-up and the increased certainty of proprietary protection for new products. In a highly competitive marketplace, the benefits of speed, efficacy and protection offer a distinct commercial edge for nutraceutical and cosmeceutical product lines. By integration into our client’s product development process, we can help enhance products or reformulate new ones by adding a range of ingredients selected from the Sibelius library.