Summer away day, June 2019

2019 has been a year of building momentum on all fronts by the Sibelius Natural Products team. We completed our evaluation project on hemp products; taking our investigations as far as we could within the UK regulatory environment. Given the ability of Chronoscreen™ to discriminate between a wide variety of parameters, we entered into a joint venture, Seneb Products, to continue this work for Marijuana-based products in Canada, where there is a more open regulatory environment.

On completing the hemp project, we have focused our UK laboratory’s work exclusively on in-house development for a period of 12 months. This is allowing us to create a portfolio of product opportunities that meet the maximum number of indications allowable under nutraceutical regulations.

As we close the year, we now have three ingredients on the market – Sibelius™:Sage, Sibelius™:Chamomile and Sibelius™:LactoMato. They already cover a broad range of indications: Cognition, Focus, Energy, Sleep, Calming, Immune, Cardiovascular, Men’s Health and Skin Care. In each of the next four years, our plan is to launch two new ingredients having used Sibelius’ in-house development platform Chronoscreen™ to guide us.

Along with the development of our products and indications, in 2019 we have focused on the global expansion of our distribution network; particularly  into East Asia. We have seen tremendous ingenuity by our downstream clients to formulate and manufacture a wide variety of delivery formats for our products, including tablets, capsules, powders, gummies, jellies, drinks and gums. They have also just begun investigating cosmeceutical and animal health products.

2020 will throw up new challenges as we reopen the Chronoscreen™ laboratory for client work once again. We’ll also be expanding into the UAE/GCC countries and Europe, and continue the rapid pace of our new product introductions.

Wishing you a happy holiday and a healthy 2020,

Peter Leyland

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