Job position: Laboratory Technician (Full-time)

Head Office Location: Milton Park, Abingdon, UK

Annual Salary: £19-24k

Sibelius Natural Products is a spin-out of Oxford University, dedicated to the development and commercialisation of innovative, branded, scientifically evidenced natural ingredients and products for the nutraceutical, food & beverage and cosmetic industries. Sibelius is now looking to add a Laboratory Technician to its team.

The laboratory-based role will support the company’s R&D efforts in testing and developing candidate ingredients. We are seeking someone with a background in biological sciences, preferably with an MSc or BSc in a relevant subject. Previous experience working in a laboratory environment would be highly beneficial and any experience working with the model organism C. elegans would be an advantage.

Duties and Responsibilities

Working under the supervision of the Laboratory Manager:

A: Assist in general laboratory operations, including but not limited to:

  • Preparation of sterile solutions & media for culturing nematodes;
  • Maintaining stock and reference cultures of C. elegans and E. coli;
  • Preparation and dilution of test and reference compounds for biological screening;
  • Preparation and conducting of biochemical assays of laboratory samples (e.g. UV/Vis spectrophotometry)
  • Preparation, recording and organization of all laboratory records as required under the QMS system and as required for research traceability;

B. Assist in the development, finalization, and documentation (in Work Instructions) of protocols for new assays

C. Assist in the setup, operation, imaging, and analysis of lifespan and other assays

D. Contribute to the investigation and discussion for the improvement of the HTP assay and the development of new assays (biological and biochemical);

E. Support the development of mammalian tissue culture capabilities if and when these are brought into the laboratory;

F. Assist the QMS Coordinator in the setup, operation, and adherence to QMS as it applies to laboratory operations, with particular reference to audit functions;

G. Assist, as required, in the preparation and finalization of internal reports, clients reports, literature reviews, and the preparation of research reports and white papers;

H. Following, implementing and improving laboratory safety practices, and maintenance of the laboratory in good working order;

I. Identification of new business opportunities and development of scientific strategies relevant to these opportunities;

J. Other duties as required.

To apply, please send a covering letter and your CV to with the subject heading: Application – Laboratory Assistant.