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Identifying the Genetic Pathways

Tagged reporter genes

The first step is to identify the genetic pathways for the activity seen on ChronoscreenTM matching these to homologues in humans. One of the quickest options is to select a panel of genes likely to be essential to the activity.   C.elegans populations are set up with fluorescent tags on these genes. It can then clearly be seen which genes are turned up or down, and at which stage of the lifespan. These tagged reporter genes show up by fluorescence, producing findings that are quick, easy and unmistakable. Other options are available and can be easily tailored to your specific needs.

Reverse genetics RNAi

Further testing can help to confirm the role of the gene that has been selected as essential to the biological activity. Using methods validated by 2006 Nobel Prize-winning research, reverse genetics (RNAi) are used to block the activity of the target gene. If the gene is blocked, the activity is no longer seen.

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