Memory and cognitive performance: Supporting the needs of an aging brain

"An aging individual's ability to process new information, and to do so quickly, incurs a steady drop between the ages of 20 and 80," explained Loukiana Chatzinasiou, product manager at Sibelius. "Activities that require focus and attention become more difficult and aging populations find that executive cognitive function, which involves decision making, problem solving, planning and multitasking, experiences further decline along with advanced age."

Read the full article in the June 2019 issue of Natural Products Insider here (see page 43).

Podcast: Sibelius Brings Modern Science to Ancient Remedies

In a recent chat with Sibelius Natural Products, CEO Peter Leyland discussed the introduction of its newest branded ingredient— Sibelius™: Chamomile—and its use as a natural sleep aid compared to other synthetic alternatives such as melatonin. Notably, the company’s formula uses Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile L.), which has been linked to benefits for natural balance, muscle relaxation, improved sleep quality, as well as support for allergic rhinitis.

Listen to the full interview here.

Passing of Professor Peter Hylands

We are very sad to share that Professor Peter Hylands died after a short illness on 10 June 2019. As well as being a highly valued member of our Science Advisory Board, he was also the Head of the Pharmacy Department & Joint Head of Institute of Pharmaceutical Science at King’s College London. He will be greatly missed by all.

Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental health disorders are a growing public health concern among people of all ages1. Unlike physical disorders, most mental health issues start early in childhood and adulthood, and have long-term health and socioeconomic impacts on individuals and their families2.

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, we have created an infographic on the latest statistics and ways to improve and maintain your wellbeing.

By Loukiana Chatzinasiou


1 Mental Health Foundation (2016). ‘Fundemental Facts about Mental Health’
2 Malla, A., et al (2018). ‘Youth Mental Health Should Be a Top Priority for Health Care in Canada’, The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. 63(4): 216-222.

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Sibelius engages Canadian lab in cannabis plant study with proprietary Chronoscreen platform

Sibelius Natural Products, the British nutraceutical company, has announced the creation of Seneb Products Limited, a sister Canadian company established in association with a Vulpes-backed Cayman company. As part of the launch, Sibelius has exclusively licensed its Chronoscreen platform to Seneb for the investigation of the cannabis plant.

Peter Leyland, Sibelius CEO, explained: “Over the last 12 months Sibelius has been undertaking its largest ever investigation into the Cannabis plant using the Chronoscreen Platform, however, we have taken our investigative work in the UK as far as we can within the current regulatory framework. This opportunity with Seneb allows us to build on that great work.”

Read the full article on the Nutraceutical Business Review website here.


Sibelius Natural Products Expands into European Market

Sibelius Natural Products is partnering with Hermes Consilium, a European distributor of high-quality ingredients, to introduce the clinically validated extract Sibelius: Sage to the European marketplace. Sibelius: Sage is an emerging ingredient in the cognitive health space and has been clinically shown to benefit cognitive performance within the first hour of taking the recommended dose.

Read the full article on the Nutraceuticals World website.

Streamlining NPD: Sibelius’ ingredients assessment platform overcomes research hurdles

Identifying the health-promoting properties of an ingredient can be a costly and time-consuming process for manufacturers. This is where ingredient company Sibelius Natural Products new platform comes in, which could prove revolutionary for product development. Sibelius has developed a platform that can accelerate product development in the natural ingredients space. The Chronoscreen platform, which is a functional assay of biological activity, can help determine an ingredient’s potential before manufacturers commit to investing at more expensive stages of a development pipeline.

Read the full article on the Nutrition Insight website here.

Here’s why the brain health market needs this branded sage ingredient, says Sibelius

Mention sage, and for some customers, the culinary herb comes to mind. However, sage has numerous historically documented cognitive benefits that has given this ingredient a presence in the brain-health market. Now, there is a new branded sage ingredient on the market. At April's SupplySide East trade show, Sibelius Natural Products (Oxford, UK) discussed why its Sibelius Sage ingredient (Salvia officinalis L.), recently introduced and distributed by Barrington Nutritionals (Harrison, NY) in the U.S., is reinvigorating sage as a nootropic ingredient.

Read the full article on the Nutritional Outlook website here.

The XXIIIth International Congress Phytopharm 2019

Sibelius will be attending The XXIIIth International Congress Phytopharm 2019 in St Petersburg, Russia on July 1-3 2019 as a sponsor. For more information about the event, click here.

Vitafoods Europe

Sibelius will be attending Vitafoods Europe in Geneva on 7-9th May 2019.

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