LactoMato and heart health

Take care of your heart health with Sibelius™: LactoMato


field with tomatoes. LactoMato for heart healthHealth-related problems constitute the leading cause of death worldwide, taking an estimated 17.9 million lives each year.1 According to the American Heart Association, more than one in three adult men deal with these issues.2 Many studies prove that men are more likely than women to develop heart problems. But why heart problems are a male issue? According to studies, the average man tends to pay less attention to following a healthy diet and is more likely to delay visiting a doctor until it is too late. Smoking, lack of physical activity, and an unhealthy diet constitute some of the main factors that contribute to the risk of heart problems. Based on statistics, up to 20,000 deaths in the UK can be attributed to smoking. In addition, one in three adults do not achieve the recommended physical activity and have bad eating habits3.

The beneficial role of Lycopene

Did you know that Lycopene is a key player when it comes to heart health? Lycopene is a carotenoid that is commonly found in tomatoes and other fruits, and it is known for its antioxidant properties. Considerable evidence suggests that the consumption of lycopene has beneficial effects on people’s health such as reducing the risk of heart-related problems.4 A study of middle-aged men published in the journal Neurology found out that high levels of lycopene in the blood are associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular problems. In detail, men with the greatest amounts of lycopene in their blood had a 55% lower chance of having any kind of stroke.5 Similarly, a 2014 study from the University of Cambridge showed significant improvement in vascular health and function in response to the intake of the Sibelius™: LactoMato formulation has discovered that with the increase of blood lycopene levels, the incidents of heart problems would fall significantly, which could contribute towards the reduced incidence of heart problems observed with higher blood lycopene levels. 6

Why Sibelius™: LactoMato?

Seeing the beneficial role of lycopene in people’s health, Sibelius decided to take an active role in developing LactoMato, which is a natural and highly bioavailable lycopene-rich tomato extract. Based on clinical studies, a conveniently small dose of it can have significant benefits in cardiovascular health and men’s health. Sibelius™: LactoMato can be used in food, beverage, and dietary supplement applications.

But why is Sibelius™: LactoMato so special? For a better understanding of the superiority of Sibelius™: LactoMato, it is necessary to understand the complexity of lycopene’s bioavailability. Concerning lycopene, several areas play a role in its bioavailability. First, lycopene absorption from tomatoes increases when they are cooked, and when they are ingested with fat.7 The process of absorbing lycopene involves many steps including the release from the food matrix, transfer to the intestinal wall, absorption, transportation to the lymphatic system, and then it is released into the blood.8 Sibelius™: LactoMato absorption and bioavailability studies show impressive results.9  When it comes to heart health, a study using Sibelius™: LactoMato showed a significant reduction in lipoprotein oxidation activity in just 2-weeks (over 70-percent reduction). (Figure 1)





Figure 1: Changes in lipoprotein oxidation activity observed in the volunteers in the study, following 8 weeks daily supplementation with 350mg of Sibelius™:LactoMato formulation (providing 7mg lycopene). Data shows average +/- SD.


At Sibelius, we work closely with our customers to create market-leading products using the best ingredients from the best source. Our research and quality testing provide our customers with the confidence to make marketing-changing products.

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Support quality sleep with Sibelius™: Chamomile

The importance of sleep in people’s health and wellbeing is undeniable, with some studies suggesting that sleep deficiency could cause health complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart-related problems, and obesity.1 Based on the National Institute of Mental Health and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention report, the lack of sleep could constitute a risk factor for suicidal thoughts.2 

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, approximately 50 to 70 million Americans are dealing with sleep disorders, and 1 in 3 do not regularly get the recommended amount of uninterrupted sleep they need to protect their health.3 On top of that, a recent study in the UK from the University of Southampton showed that the number of people suffering from sleep problems rose from 16% to 25% during the Covid-19 pandemic.4

The effects of Roman Chamomile extract on sleep quality

Chamomile is widely used throughout the world as it is one of the most known and primitive medicinal herbs that possess strong antioxidant, immune health and calming properties. Based on clinical studies, it is recommended for many ailments including fever, ulcers, muscle spasms, skin irritations, gastrointestinal disorders and insomnia.5

Roman Chamomile, formally known as Chamaemelum nobile (syn. Anthemis nobilis) is one of the oldest known medicinal herbs that possess strong antioxidant, immune health and calming properties. It has been used traditionally to naturally promote restful sleep, respiratory and gastrointestinal health.6 Although it is often confused with the more well-known German Chamomile (M. camomilla), Roman Chamomiles therapeutic effects were stated to be better than those of German. Roman Chamomile has an exceptional safety profile and is a great source of flavonoids and azulene compounds, which have been reported for their immune health activities.7

Considering the beneficial effects of Chamomile on human health, more and more studies investigate its efficacy in anxiety and sleep quality. In 2017, a clinical study investigated the effects of Chamomile extract on sleep quality among elderly people, showed that the use of chamomile extract can significantly improve sleep quality. The participants reported a significant improvement in their sleep quality after four weeks of twice-daily intake of Chamomile extract capsules.8 

The Unique Solution with Sibelius™: Chamomile

Taking into consideration the multiple benefits of Chamomile, Sibelius has developed Sibelius™: Chamomile, which is a branded, scientifically evidenced, high-quality Roman Chamomile extract specially designed to support restful sleep naturally. 

Sibelius used their patented technology Chronoscreen™ to identify the beneficial effects of their proprietary Roman Chamomile. Chronoscreen™, measures the effect natural ingredients have on the life span extension of whole organisms exposed to a treatment. This testing method identifies and confirms the evidence of a botanical’s potential health benefits, from which they can determine the pathways essential for the ingredient’s activity.

A market study on Sibelius™: Chamomile-liquid tincture among people aged 26-62 years old has shown the beneficial effects of Chamomile extract on sleep quality and duration. Participants were asked to take up to 1.2ml per night suspended in a small amount of water for four weeks. All the participants reported an improvement in sleep quality and duration, and a reduction in the number of times waking up throughout the night.9

At Sibelius, we work closely with our customers to create market-leading products using the best ingredients from the best source.  Our research and quality testing provide our customers with the confidence to make marketing changing products.

Our Sibelius™: Chamomile can be incorporated into a wide range of formats, contact us today to see how our clinically studied ingredients can drive sales.

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Sibelius Awarded Global Incubator - Gateway to Asia

Sibelius Natural Products is proud to announce they have been awarded Global Incubator- Gate Way to Asia. Innovate UK’s Global Incubator Programme, delivered in partnership with Innovate UK EDGE, is an acceleration programme for innovative businesses to work with world-leading incubators abroad, with only eight companies being offered a spot.

In Sibelius’ quest for global expansion, they have teamed with the programme to deliver innovative ingredients and enhanced service to their customers across the globe. “Asia is the traditional home of natural products used for health (TCMs)” Explains CEO at Sibelius Peter Leyland “and as such is a phenomenally rich source for raw material to which we can add our science to meet the changing needs of the population as they urbanise and age.

This program gives us the opportunity to explore with the support of experienced local teams both ends of our supply chain; regional sourcing of natural materials and supplying our ingredients to contract manufacturers, formulators and B2C clients.”

In describing the Global Incubator program, David Golding, Head of Global Innovation Partnerships, Innovate UK said: “Innovate UK is really pleased to be launching its Global Incubator Programme in Singapore, working in partnership with GROW. Through the Programme, funded by Innovate UK, we are looking to help innovative UK businesses to grow and scale globally. We look forward to seeing the first cohort of UK businesses participate in the Programme in what is such a dynamic and vibrant market and the gateway to Asia.”

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Sibelius appoint Carlo Sessa as a Distributor within the EU

Sibelius Natural Products is pleased to announce that Carlo Sessa has been appointed as a new distributor within the EU market.

Sibelius' global expansion comes as increased consumer demand for heart health, brain, memory, sleep, relaxation, immunity and skin strengthen within the EU Market.

Carlo Sessa has supplied quality ingredients to the nutraceutical industry for more than 100 years with their head office in Sesso San Giovanni. Carlo Sessos industry reputation and extensive knowledge make them a strong partner for Sibelius as they grow their presence in the EU.

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Best Ready To Drink Award - Clutch Cognition

Sibelius is proud to announce our customer Clutch Cognition has won an award for their canned brain solution containing Sibelius™: Sage.

The World Beverage Innovation Awards celebrates excellence and innovation across every category of the global beverage industry. This prestigious award had 155 entries from 2 countries for their 2021 edition, with Clutch Cognition taking the top spot for the Best Ready to Drink.

Clutch Cognition has developed the Clutch Cognition Mental Performance Drink – an all-natural beverage specially designed to aid cognition and increase productivity whilst maintaining optimum health. The patent-pending product is based on natural functional ingredients with proven cognitive benefits and efficacy and mirrors the company’s mission to create natural products that increase mental performance in situations requiring clarity and focus.

One of the main active ingredients of the Clutch Cognition Mental Performance Drink is Sibelius™:Sage, our own high-quality natural ingredient for brain and cognitive support. Derived from a proprietary, non-GMO cultivar of sage (Salvia officinalis L.), Sibelius’ patented extract is backed up with more clinical documentation on its cognitive benefits in both young adults and seniors than any other sage extract.

A fast-acting solution that boosts your brain naturally!

Are your customers looking for a natural solution to relieve brain fog and improve memory? The last 18 months have been a challenge for many mentally, from sudden lifestyle changes to taking on extra challenges (homeschooling anyone?), our minds have been working overtime to support us. 

One of consumers' key concerns when it comes to brain health supplements is their effectiveness. With brain health, consumers want to notice and feel the benefits. The trend of preventive health care is paramount, but consumers are still after that benefit now to support them throughout the day.

Dr Kieron Edwards (Chief Science Officer at Sibelius), David Foreman (aka the Herbal Pharmacist®) and Abigail Heaton (Global Marketing Manager at Sibelius) discuss the fast-growing market that is brain health and the clinically proven solution to support consumers health.

Sibelius™: Sage is a branded, clinically proven, patented patent-pending solution for your brain. From healthy ageing to support day to day tasks, our solution is a sage solution for the brain.

Watch the webinar to discover the science behind Sibelius™: Sage:

Topical Applications With Chamomile Oil

Fast-changing trends and the quest for ingredients with scientifically proven effects are putting pressure on the cosmetics and nutraceuticals industries. To develop new and ground-breaking formulations, cosmetic scientists are entering the field of pharmaceuticals.

For skin care applications, the interest lies in penetration into the epidermis and dermis. Ideally, the substances intended for skincare should be maintained as a reservoir in the outer skin layers and stay potent over time.

Pairing an active that can not only penetrate the epidermis and dermis layers but also has proven effects is key when formatting a topical application to meet consumer demand.

Meeting demand with Sibelius™: Chamomile

Well-known for its calming and soothing properties, our pure and genuine Roman Chamomile Oil is an excellent addition to all beauty and cosmetic formulations. Sibelius’ natural oil derives from a proprietary, non-GMO cultivar of Chamaemelum nobile grown in the UK. It is made by steam distillation of the plant’s flowers and is 100% pure and genuine. The oil is rich in esters which are known for their relaxing properties.

At Sibelius, we work closely with our customers to create market-leading products using the best ingredients from the best source. In our latest whitepaper, we explore Sibelius™: Chamomile in topical applications to understand the superior dermal penetration properties, the composition on the skin and the effectiveness in penetrating the skin barrier in comparison to a market leader.

Download our whitepaper to see the topical application results of our Sibelius™: Chamomile:

Selecting the best ingredient from the best source

At Sibelius, we pride ourselves in the research and development we conduct before bringing an ingredient to market. The first step of our process is using our Chronoscreen™ platform for the screening and identification of biologically active natural products that have the potential for development into ingredients that are beneficial to human health.

David Forman aka The Herbal Pharmacist® and Dr Kieron Edwards Chief Science Officer at Sibelius deep dive into selecting active sources of natural products and the importance of the process in their latest podcast. The dynamic duo discusses the first stage of selecting the right source, including sustainability, trust and how the Chronoscreen™ platform allows us to understand life extension.



Chronoscreen™ is a testing solution for whole extracts that allow for confident analysis to aid the selection of the best ingredients from the best source to further enhance development in consumer health products. The patented screening tool allows for the discovery, evaluation, and monitoring of biologically active natural products. The technology is used to identify the best sources for existing ingredients and drills down past the usual measures; looking at the actual activity offered from a particular botanical source.

Contact us today to receive the case study and learn how Chronoscreen™ can drive your ingredient research and development forward.

Sibelius™: MyceliAid newest launch gets a non-GMO certificate

Looking for a research baked ingredient for immunity and skin that’s non-GMO?

Sibelius™ Natural Products launched their newest ingredient Sibelius™: MyceliAid in 2020 to target immunity and skin health trends. Sibelius™: MyceliAid is high quality and scientifically evidenced full-spectrum Chaga extract developed to promote skin health, support immune function and overall wellness. The functional ingredient is also sustainably grown, traceable and suitable for several delivery formats.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), are plants, animals or microorganisms whose genetic material (DNA) has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally. Over the past few years, GMO crops and foods have raised concern among consumers for their impact on the environment, human and animal health1, 2. This growing awareness means that there is an increasing demand for GMO-free, all-natural alternatives, as well as transparency regarding an ingredient’s origin, cultivation, production, processing, storage and distribution3.

“MyceliAid is our latest launch into the functional ingredient field” explains Arti Gupta, Operations Director at Sibelius “What makes our ingredients unique is the strong science platform we use to select them. Chronoscreen™ is our patented tool we used to confidently select the best ingredient from the best source for our Chaga”.

When discussing the non-GMO process, Arti described that “Sibelius™: MyceliAid will join both our Sage and Chamomile to be verified by the FoodChainID Non-GMO Global Standard. This industry benchmark ensures that our ingredients have undergone risk assessments, traceability, sampling and testing, to verify their compliance with the non-GMO Standard.”

Sibelius is delighted that MyceliAid has obtained the non-GMO Project Verified seal, and will continue to develop natural ingredients of the highest quality, efficacy and safety.

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Traceability with Sibelius™: Sage

Sage clinical trial ageing gracefullyTraceability is not just of major importance for us here at Sibelius, but it is also a growing trend amongst consumers. From high-quality sources and processes to fair and responsible supply chains, understanding the steps our extracts take from field to consumer is a part of our key quality processes.


Our Sibelius™: Sage (aka the king of botanicals) is our branded, scientifically evidenced and clinically proven dried sage extract, specially developed to enhance memory & attention, and maintain brain health. 


Before we can talk through the steps in our supply chain it’s important to understand why we’ve selected perennial Salvia officinalis for our ingredient. Clonally propagated from root cuttings, our extract of sage was determined the best ingredient from the best source for life extension.

One of the biggest problems manufacturers’ can have is understanding which particular ingredient and then which particular source will produce the best biological activity to aid human health. Here at Sibelius, our patented testing process Chronoscreen™ allowed us to test across multiple sources to ensure sustainability and quality to get to the sage we use today.


This journey of discovery allowed us to select a particular sage extract grown in the damp, sunny hills of Hampshire, UK. The Sage we use is derived from a proprietary European herb source and cultivated exclusively for Sibelius Natural Products.

The sage leaf is grown and supplied by an experienced and reputable producer under an exclusive supply agreement. All production, including harvesting, is carried out accordingly to defined protocols with full traceability of the crop at every stage.

The next step of our sages’ journey is the extraction process for the bioactive components. To do this we use a manufacturing plant in Herefordshire, UK. Here, we’re able to track all quality and regulatory processes to ensure all the material that’s shipped is of the highest quality for our customers.


At Sibelius, we work closely with our supply chain to ensure our customers have access to the best possible ingredients from the best possible sources. Our research and quality testing provide our customers with the confidence to make marketing changing products.

Our Sibelius™: Sage can be incorporated into a wide range of formats, contact us today to see how our clinically studied ingredients can drive sales.