Sibelius™: Sage achieves non-GMO Certificate of Compliance

Oxford, UK – Dec 21, 2017 – Sibelius Natural Products is pleased to announce that its clinically researched and scientifically evidenced Sibelius™: Sage extract has achieved the prestigious non-GMO certification. This milestone shows our commitment to conducting ongoing testing on all our ingredients which is critical to identifying and eliminating GMO contamination.

Sibelius Appoints Barrington Nutritionals as New Distributor for the US

Oxford, UK – Dec 14, 2017 – Sibelius Natural Products is pleased to announce that Barrington Nutritionals (Harrison, NY) has been appointed as new distributor for the US market. Peter Leyland, CEO of Sibelius Limited, states that Barrington Nutritionals’ strategic approach, industry reputation, and extensive resources made them a strong partner for Sibelius’ entry into the US nutraceuticals market.

Sibelius™:Sage is the first of several Sibelius’ pipeline products that are expected to be released to the nutraceutical market in the next few years. In a double-blind, placebo controlled RCT, the proprietary extract was shown to have significant effects on cognitive performance in healthy elderly volunteers in the areas of secondary memory and accuracy of attention.  “Barrington Nutritionals is excited to lead the US launch of the first clinically validated Sibelius product, Sibelius: Sage™, a proven solution for cognition health”, states Stu Gelbard, President of Barrington Nutritionals. 


About Barrington Nutritionals

Recognized for over 25 years for our commitment to quality, reliability and unparalleled customer service, Barrington’s diverse product portfolio serves the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and functional food industries.  With our document database, responsive customer service, and fast shipping, we make it easy for our customers to formulate innovative and scientifically-backed products.


About Sibelius Ltd.

Sibelius Ltd. is a scientifically led company, based in Oxford, UK, that works with leading product researchers and developers to create, test and commercialize innovative and efficacious natural products. It works at the cutting edge, by offering unique insights into nutraceuticals that promote healthy ageing.  Sibelius Ltd has an extensive database of natural products with known biological activity readout that has recently been made available for licensing and new product development.

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Sibelius will be introducing its new product SIBELIUS CHAMOMILE at Natural and Organic Products Europe.

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Sibelius will be exhibiting at SupplySide East 2018.

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Sibelius will be at Engredia NutrAward 2018. Details are available here.

Testing, Testing!

Testing, Testing!

Wednesday, 1 November, 2017 


"Food companies, big pharma and chemical/biotech companies have been targeting the modern nutraceuticals market since its nascent beginnings. No wonder. According to Mordor Intelligence, the global nutraceutical market was valued at us$205.4 billion in 2016 and is expected to soar to us$294.79 billion by 2022.

Our core mission is to develop and test natural ingredients with anti-ageing benefits, says Edwards. “Companies using our first-in-class Chronoscreen™ platform, which evaluates biological activity, can develop or re-formulate their own enhanced performance products. We have tested hundreds of products in collaboration with global partners, notably in the US, Europe and Asia, and have a strong internal pipeline to support product development for manufacturers and suppliers. The approach is also showing great promise in the assessment of probiotic supplements; a category that is increasingly being recognised as having the potential to have an immense impact on human health and is growing at 10% per annum in key markets. The use of in vivo models on the Chronoscreen™ platform allows us to not only discover new nutraceutical ingredients, but also identify novel applications for existing ones”.

Read the full article here.

Using in vivo models to support development of nutraceuticals that promote healthy ageing

Using in vivo models to support development of nutraceuticals that promote healthy ageing

Nutraceuticals Now


The importance of healthy ageing
Medical developments and improvements to factors such as food supply and sanitation have contributed to lengthening of human lifespan, which based on OECD statistics has been
increasing at a rate of close to 2 years per decade in recent history. Despite this relatively rapid increase in lifespan, there is evidence that healthspan – essentially the number of years that an individual remains in relative good health and free from disease – has not increased at the same rate. So, although we may be living longer, our quality of life in these extra years is not necessarily very high.

Download the full article here (pdf)

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Sibelius will be attending the Keystone Symposia on Aging and mechanisms of Aging-related disease. Event details are here.