Dr. Sasha Akoulitchev to present at SupplySide West Vendor Briefings on Wednesday 7th October, 4.30pm, booth 400.

Dr. Akoulitchev will present at SupplySide West Vendor Briefings a short talk entitled: "From Epigenetics to Biologically Active Ingredients. A Nutraceutical Platform Technology for Health".

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Sibelius automates ingredient discovery based on epigenetic activity

Finding new bioactive molecules has in the past been something of a treasure hunt that had developers combing records of traditional uses of botanicals for clues pointing the way to new products. UK-based natural products company Sibelius Limited is one of a growing cadre of firms that are automating this search, offering years’ worth of results in hours. Sibelius bases its technology on an epigenetic approach, tracing from the observed non genetic factors that affect gene expression back toward natural materials that might positively affect these conditions.

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Scale-up Doubles Screening Capacity

Commissioning of new microscope successfully completed, doubling the capacity of the high throughput worm Chronoscreen, enabling the company to meet the rapidly increasing operational demands of the in-house product development pipeline and commercial client contracts.

Sibelius Signs Partnership Agreement with Biox Singapore

Partnership agreement signed with Biox, a Singapore-based company, for co-development of a natural extract for weight management.

Sibelius Signs Screening Contract with Cape Kingdom

Sibelius completes contract with Cape Kingdom (South Africa), a leading producer of Buchu-based health supplement products (Buchulife) for analysis of their lead products on the Chronoscreen.